I recommend that my patients shower within 48 hours after a Mommy Makeover, Breast or Tummy Tuck surgery.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and is also the most exposed to threats. Within 24 hours after surgery, your skin is exposed to the leaking tumescent fluid that is draining from the liposuction holes, dried blood, sweat, dead skin cells as well as moisture from the tight dressing and antibiotic ointments. In addition, clogged pores can lead to blemishes and a buildup of more toxins in the skin. All these combined can impact your skin health. Therefore, keeping your skin clean after surgery will protect it against these harms. This is the reason why I prefer that my patients take their shower early. It is essential not only in cleansing but also in maintaining healthy, beautiful skin.

Some people argue that ordinary soaps contain ingredients like sulfates and harsh salts that may cause several negative effects especially for sensitive skin. These detergents can cause dryness, scaling, skin irritation, and at times, even allergic reactions due to the coloring, fragrance, and preservatives that are added to the products.

Instead of washing using ordinary soaps, I recommend that you use sulfate-free gentle cleansers like liquid body washes and shower gels instead. Look for soaps with vegetable-based surfactants and products. Cleansers that contain nourishing oils will not only rid the skin of dirt but will help hydrate and lock moisture in as well.

A warm shower not only feels good, it can also be beneficial to your health. It relaxes the body and muscles. Relaxing the muscles not only helps us relax physically, but also mentally.

In addition, a warm shower is the next best thing for a stiff neck or shoulder pain. Other studies claim that the steam from a warm shower can loosen phlegm and get rid of mucus that could be causing a cough or sore throat. This can be of benefit in patients who underwent a TummyTuck procedure with muscle tightening.

Other studies confirmed that warm water reduces headaches and decrease stress and insomnia, therefore, prepare us for a better good night’s sleep.

In addition it can improve Circulation, ease pain, stimulate healing and reduce inflammation.

While it may feel relaxing and refreshing, staying in the shower for too long can seriously dry your skin. The longer you shower, the more moisture you lose. But 5 to 10 minutes under warm water can work wonders for your body, muscles, joints and overall mood.

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