The simple answer is YES!

This is possible, bearing in mind that the majority of women who undergo a full tummy tuck are in the childbearing age. Therefore, best is to be done with pregnancy and childbirth prior undergoing surgery. There is a high chance that you will need a revision surgery following your pregnancy. The repaired muscles as well as the skin will progressively stretch as pregnancy advances warranting another repair.
Since a full tummy tuck procedure entails repairing your midline (Rectus Abdominis) muscles, pregnancy will most likely “un-zip” or stretch that repair. Having said that, most patients will continue with their pregnancy till term with an uneventful outcome.
Although, this scenario is not common, it is not rare. In 2012, in our practice, four of our tummy tuck patients got pregnant and continued till term without complications. In 2013 and 2014 we had none.
Revision surgery can be more complex and possibly more risky. Not to mention the added cost and downtime.

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