Fat transfer to the breast has gained more popularity in the past few years.  This technique entails harvesting fat from anywhere in your body where you have excess. Following liposuction, the fat is processed, strained and injected into the breasts.

However, fat transfer to the breast must be done expeditiously. Generally, you can only go one cup size bigger based on the current practice trends. The survivability of fat on the long run is under investigation by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

A recent survey by the society revealed that ~30% of US plastic surgeons use this technique and it is gaining momentum.**

In my opinion, it is not advisable to gain weight in preparation for fat transfer. Gaining weight can have some ill-effects on your body. Besides, you may end up stuck with this fat in other undesirable places. I do not think it is a good trade off if your goal is to enhance your breasts.

Some of the recent literature indicates that fat transfer to the breast may not pose additional risk  for breast cancer or make interpreting breast cancer radiologically more difficult. However still, it is advisable to be checked out prior surgery should you have any concerns about a breast mass or pathology. Besides, this literature requires further validation and this issue remains an unsettled matter for now.

In my opinion: If you desire to go with more than one cup size bigger,  you may have to consider augmentation surgery. For a better outcome, a consultation in person will be necessary.

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