Liposuction to the waist area (hips and flanks) is frequently combined with tummy tuck surgery. The harvested fat from these areas can be theoretically employed for buttock enhancement in the same setting.

Some plastic surgeons believe in staging these procedures. In my opinion, this may potentially deprive some patients from the harvested fat in their waist area especially those with limited fat stores. This fat would have been discarded rather than being used for enhancement, when these procedures are staged.

Therefore, I believe that combining tummy tuck surgery with liposuction and buttock enhancement can be a valid option in the right patient. The aspirated fat from your waist area and other donor sites such as thighs, arms and back can be employed for enhancement. This may cut down on your recovery, downtime and probably cost when both procedures are performed simultaneously.

However still, this is not without added risks. Combining these procedures altogether takes anywhere from 4-5 hours to perform. This largely depends on the habitus and the general condition of the patient as well as the surgeon’s expertise. Therefore, surgery time will be doubled and consequently the added risks of a major surgery.

Furthermore, medical clearance may be required prior surgery and not infrequently, patients may be admitted for 23 hours observation. This decision remains individualized per patient.

Web Reference: Buttock Augmentation